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Korea’s Pop Music Producer, Kim Hyungsuk,
Collaborates with 
Art Asia 2018,
where Fine Art encounters Pop Music

Hello, I am Kim Hyungsuk, the general producer of Art Asia 2018.
As a composer and producer, I have been constantly driven to introduce k-pop culture to the public.
I have been involved in countless collaboration with various pop and fine art artists.

It is my great honor to be the general producer of the art fair, which can be considered as the center of the art market.

The biggest differentiation of Art Asia 2018 is its’ concept of “Fair in Fair.”
Unlike previous and traditional art fair, Art Asia 2018 have gathered various art fairs that represent Asia in one place
where artists, galleries, art collectors and art lovers can exchange their ideas and opinions.

Art Asia 2018 will be a new art platform that combines an abundance of liaison events with the strengths and advantages of each art fair.

Art Asia 2018 also aims to combine music and fine arts.
Every evening, there will be performances collaborated by musicians and artists,
where the two different fields of art are melded into one form.
With these new challenges, I hope Art Asia 2018 to be not only for the collectors, but an art and cultural platform
where everyone can come to enjoy and be touched.

Please enjoy Art Asia 2018, filled of diverse art and cultural festival with new challenges.

Kim Hyungsuk
General Producer